Honda Pitches New Light Jet Model as Private Travel Soars

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Michimasa Fujino, president and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company, unveils the HondaJet 2600 concept plane at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the NBAA Business Aviation Convention Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Oct. 12, 2021. (Steve Marcus/Reuters)

LAS VEGAS—Honda Aircraft Co. on Tuesday rolled out plans for a new light business jet that can fly non-stop across the United States, as the company looks to tap into skyrocketing demand for private travel.

The plane would seat up to 11 and offer up to 20 percent better fuel efficiency than other jets in the category, the company said. Honda Aircraft unveiled the new design at the National Business Aviation Association show in Las Vegas, the industry’s largest business jet show. It did not guarantee that the plane would be produced or offer a timeline for taking orders.

Honda Aircraft, a subsidiary of Japan’s Honda Motor Co. Ltd., currently produces a six-seater HondaJet.

Honda’s plans come as business aviation traffic is soaring above pre-pandemic levels, with some corporate jet operators having to refuse new clients. Due to COVID-19 wealthy travelers see flying private in smaller groups as safer and more convenient than traveling commercial.

By Allison Lampert



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