17 Chinese Firms Forced to Delist in US

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A Chinese oil company gets kicked off the New York Stock Exchange, but raises $4 billion in China. Why are its Chinese competitors funding it?

Cities across China endure lockdown-induced food shortages. Videos emerge, giving a glimpse into what locals are dealing with.

Why is China sticking to its zero-COVID-19 policy even though it’s hurting the economy and its people? A China expert breaks down the political reason behind the move.

We examine the differences between China’s underground churches, and those sanctioned by the Chinese state.

A new move from Beijing is alarming world powers. We break down why China’s deal with an island nation in the Pacific is making America and its allies nervous.

Topics in this episode:
17 Chinese Firms Forced to Delist in US
Chinese Court Sentences US Citizen to Death
Northeastern China Residents Struggle to Find Food
Why China’s Sticking With ‘Zero COVID’
Q&A: Current Status of China’s Underground Churches
US to Sharpen Sanctions if China Helps Russia
Black Boxes From China Plane Crash Severely Damaged
China’s Pact With Solomon Islands Raising Concerns

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