40 Percent HK Primary School Students Feel Lost Without Access to the Internet

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Do your kids spend too much time on digital devices?

A recent survey conducted by Hong Kong Primary Education Research Association found: that nearly 40 percent of primary students cannot control their time on digital devices and feel lost when unable to access the internet.

The questionnaire on Media, Information, and Digital Literacy for Hong Kong Students was distributed to all the primary schools from June to July.

They received 182 responses from teachers, and by randomly checking with six primary schools, 587 students and 251 parents responded.

Around 56 percent of students started using digital devices from six years old, 47.1 percent earlier than six.

Of those that started before the age of six, over 47.2 percent play video games, and 41.6 percent watch movies almost every day.

Forty-five percent express they couldn’t stop using digital devices at the expected time, and 37.8 percent get frustrated when they cannot access the internet.

Choi Man-kwan, Principal of Po Leung Kuk Riverain Primary school, says digital devices are playing like an electronic pacifier for kids. She believed that information literacy education should be carried out as soon as possible.

Eighty percent of teachers think the current education on privacy risk and time management for students are pain points. Twenty-two percent don’t have the confidence to guide the students on safe internet use.

Most teachers believe in the necessity to have professional training for media, information, and digital literacy for students.

Forty percent of students pay less attention to the source of online news; 35.1 percent of students agree the website collects their personal information.

The Association suggests the Education Bureau provide sufficient funds and resources to schools, for carrying out information literacy education.

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