65M in 33 Chinese Cities Under Lockdown

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An Air Force general is warning the United States would make a Chinese invasion of Taiwan Beijing’s most difficult battle.

A $30 million donation is given, all for Taiwan’s civilian defense programs. The Taiwanese businessman making the donation is giving up his foreign citizenship in favor of the island.

China is fearing for its economy. But there’s still no end in sight for the country’s “zero-COVID-19” policy.

Because of the strategy, 65 million are under full or semi-lockdown.

Reports from western China’s recent earthquake are in. Dozens were found dead, with more still missing. Survivors say they were stopped from fleeing to safety when they tried to leave their buildings.

Topics in this episode:

  1. General: U.S. Would Cut Off China’s Logistic Support If Beijing Opts to Attack Taiwan
  2. U.S. Test Launches Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
  3. Taiwan Conducts Military Drills Amid China Tension
  4. Taiwan Businessman Donates $30M to Train Civilians
  5. China’s Trade Falters as Demand Wanes
  6. No $: China to Pay Yuan, Roubles for Russian Gas
  7. Russia’s Putin, China’s Xi to Meet Sept. 15
  8. Pentagon: Russia to Buy Weapons from N. Korea
  9. China Earthquake Death Toll Still Rising
  10. Report: China Boosts Tibet DNA Collection Campaign
  11. UK’s Tugendhat: Ban Chinese Tech, Xinjiang Cotton
  12. Trump Raid Benefits China Agenda: Analyst
  13. KPMG Sued for $830M Over Chinese Audit
  14. China-Made High-Speed Trains Arrive in Indonesia

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