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AI Could Spur Bioweapon Development

The battle for the future is now. While microchips are king of our current lifestyles, acting as the brains of our electronics, what’s the tech of the future? Many are pointing to AI. As artificial intelligence seeps into different aspects of our lives, the questions now are: Will AI make the human brain obsolete? What will our future lifestyles look like? And which superpower is leading in that race?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Hearing: AI Could Spur Bioweapon Development
  2. Pre-Birth Organ Matching? China’s Infant Organ Transplants Spark Concerns
  3. China Trade Hurting Amid Faltering Demand
  4. McCarthy to Meet Taiwan’s Tsai, China Issues Warning
  5. Taiwan Islands Cope with Cut Internet Cables; Chinese Ships Suspected
  6. Australia’s PM Visits India to Bolster Ties
  7. Xi Would Trade China’s Wealth for World Control: Pelson

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