Behind Russia-Ukraine, a ‘Total War’ Is Being Waged Against the US and Allies

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A “snake in the grass” is a deadly encroaching danger that can’t always be seen. Recently, President Joe Biden visited Belgium and Poland to signal support to NATO members on Ukraine’s doorstep. In speaking to U.S. troops in Poland, Biden seemed to “let slip” the expectation that U.S. forces will, at some point, be fighting against Russia in Ukraine. However, amid these developments and sanctions led by the United States that are slamming Russia’s economy, the United States has been rolling back efforts, like the China Initiative, aimed at keeping the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) “unrestricted warfare” against the United States in check. As an aside, the CCP is heavily suspected of preparing to give, if not already providing, military support to Russia in Ukraine.

What do the United States and its Western allies need to understand about the CCP in order to not be totally overwhelmed by it as it seemingly expands its global power?

What can the nation that lies nearest the “jaws of the beast” and has survived its hybrid warfare assaults for generations teach us about countering this danger?

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