China Earned Gold Medal for Virus Handling: Xi Jinping

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Shanghai is facing a food crisis as lockdown orders persist. Now, even billionaires are struggling to get what they need.

At the same time, violence in the city breaks out. We reached out to local police for details, and got some unexpected answers.

A Kansas professor was convicted over concealing ties to China while doing U.S. government-funded research. And a Chinese national gets sentenced to prison for stealing trade secrets from a U.S. agriculture company.

A CDC expert from Shanghai admits the city’s official health app reflects false virus test results. A recording of her phone call with a patient’s relative sheds light on what’s happening behind the scenes.

Topics in this episode:
Shanghai Locals Struggling To Get Food
Video: Man Beaten In Shanghai Amid Lockdown
Docs: Ccp Uses Propaganda To Cope W/ Food Shortages
Chinese National Sentenced For Secrets Theft
Kansas Professor Convicted Of Concealing China Ties
Nato: Must Include China In Defense Strategy
Shanghai Cdc Expert Reveals Concealed Test Results
Starving Shanghai Man Calls Police For Food, Aid
Planeloads Of Soldiers Arrive In Shanghai
Video: Women Speaks Out Online, Shouted At By Police
French Embassy In China: Citizens In Shanghai Can’t Vote In France’s Upcoming Election
Robotic Dog ‘Barks’ Covid-19 Lockdown Orders
China Backing Off On ‘Common Prosperity’

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