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FBI Warns Dems., GOP About Chinese Hackers

The U.S. military is weak, according to an American think tank. Experts break down why that may be, and how adversaries are reacting.

China is targeting the U.S. midterm elections. The FBI is warning the headquarters of both parties about threats from Chinese hackers.

Corruption has been revealed inside the Chinese Communist Party. Around 500 million Party members were investigated for corruption in the last decade. 

Public outcry erupts amid China’s pandemic. A teenager dies inside a quarantine center. Distressing videos surface online, showing the girl’s plight.

U.S. universities are dropping in global rankings, with China closing the gap.

Topics in this episode:

  1. New Report Rates U.S. Military as ‘Weak’
  2. FBI Warns Dems., GOP About Chinese Hackers
  3. 500M Chinese Officials Investigated for Corruption
  4. China GDP Data Delayed, Adds to Lack of Transparency
  5. China Outcry Over a Girl Dying in Quarantine
  6. U.S. Falls in School Rankings as China Rises
  7. Beating of Protester at Chinese Consulate Is ‘Unacceptable’: UK Foreign Minister
  8. Shanghai Races to Build Makeshift Hospitals
  9. Chinese Universities Ban Self-Printing and Airdrop

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