Mirror Concert Horror (Part 2): Dance Crew Released Joint Statement: Stop Spreading Rumors

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Hong Kong mega boy group Mirror opened their twelve sold-out concerts “MIRROR We Are Live Concert” at the Hong Kong Coliseum on July 25. Local fans were prepared to enjoy the show. However, their excitement was disrupted by a horrifying accident at their concert on July 28. The serious accident left two dancers injured.

One remains in critical condition on August 1, 2022.

No one from the dance team or band has spoken until July 31.

On July 31, the crew of 23 dancers of the MIRROR We Are Live Concert released a joint statement to clarify rumors.

In the statement, the dance crew expressed they would not be accepting any media interviews or making any anonymous online comments due to an ongoing investigation.

The band’s dance team also clarified that any remarks made on social media do not come from the crew members. They urge the public not to spread rumors, unconfirmed information, or believe fake news.

The performers also asked the public to only base on the updates given by the families of the wounded. They said they never initiated crowdfunding for the injured dancers.

The dancers wrote, “All 12 members of MIRROR and our entire dance team worked very hard in our performance. Right now, we stand as one, and together we will overcome.” They urged the public not to blame anything on the performers or any MIRROR members.

And lastly, they wish the three injured peers, Mo, Fung, and Zisac, a speedy recovery.

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