Natural Radiance Comes from Organ Balance, Qi, Blood, Yin, and Yang

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People achieve beauty not just by applying heavy makeup, but by having an imposing appearance, a clear mindset, and a moderate body type.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that the organs are full of Qi (vital energy) and blood, the skin is naturally healthy and glowing, the muscles are firm and tight, and the hair is nourished. It is because, by way of nourishing the organs, the body is full of Qi and blood, then it leads to a healthy and beautiful body and youthful appearance.

The Heart controls blood, vessels, and soul, and its essence is the face. If blood in the Heart is insufficient, the face will look dull; if the Qi in the Heart is insufficient, the face will be pale, and blood vessels will be stagnant, the face will be purple.

The “orifice” of the Lung opens into the nose, and its essence is hair. If the Qi in the Lung is abundant, the hair will be nourished and moistened. If the Qi in the Lung is weak, the hair will be dehydrated, and the body will look haggard when external pathogens invade.

The spleen controls the transport and absorption, governs blood, and integrates the flesh in the body, its “orifice” opens into the mouth, and its essence is lips. If the Qi in the Spleen functions well, muscles will be firm, lips will be red. If the Spleen does not function well, muscles will be weak, hands and feet will be tired, and lips will be pale.

The Liver governs unclogging, and deflation stores blood and integrates the tendons in the body, its “orifice” opens into the eyes, and its essence is hands and feet. If the blood in the Liver is insufficient, the hands and feet will not be nourished, their flexibility will be decreased and even get a cramp or shake, nails will be dry or fractured, eyes will be dry and vision will not be clear. If blood in the Liver is sufficient, the eyes will be full of energy, and the tendons and bones will have high flexibility; if the Liver is inflamed, the eyes will be red, swollen, and painful, and if it is further worsened, there will be Endogenous Wind of Liver, the eyes will be squinting, and the eyes will sag.

The Kidney mainly stores the Essence, its “orifice” opens into the ears and the Two Yin (anterior orifice: urethra and posterior orifice: anus), and its essence is hair. The development of the bones depends entirely on the nourishment of the Kidney Essence. If the Kidney Essence is sufficient, the bones will be strong, the limbs will be energetic, and the color of hair will be black; if the Kidney Essence is insufficient, the bones and back will be shrunken and weak, the teeth will be loose, there will be hair loss or hair will be weakened.

The concept of beauty from TCM needs to coordinate the five organs, Qi, blood, Yin, and Yang, so that the Essence and Qi can be stored, Qi and blood can be transported, and the radiance will come naturally and one will feel energetic.

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