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Out-Of-Date Data on China-Owned U.S. Land: Report

Just how much American soil does China control? And are the plots of land too close to U.S. military bases for comfort? The answer is: we don’t know, with our most recent data based on a two-year lag. How serious is this loophole to America’s homeland security? We break it down in today’s episode.

Other Topics in this Episode:

  1. Out-Of-Date Data on China-Owned U.S. Land: Report
  2. Polls: Americans’ Views of Modern China Resemble Sentiment Toward Soviet Union Decades Ago
  3. Chinese Social Media Users Fear ‘Common Fate’ Following Russian Rebellion
  4. China’s U.S. Ambassador Touts Beijing’s ‘Democracy’
  5. China ‘Most Dangerous State’ to Human Rights: Report
  6. Evicted from 13 Homes in Two Months: Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Facing Clampdown
  7. China’s Support for Russia After Mutiny a Direct Threat to Europe, Taiwan’s Stability: Analyst
  8. ‘Perfect Test Case for AI:’ Mills on Uncovering China-Owned U.S. Land Using Search Engines

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