Senate Approves $858 Billion NDAA Defense Spending Bill

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A record defense spending bill got bipartisan Senate approval. The annual measure is now headed to President Joe Biden’s desk.

In Japan, the biggest military build-up since World War II is forming in the face of a possible war in the region.

A total of 36 Chinese companies were added to the U.S. trading blacklist, with top Chinese microchip maker YMTC among them.

A Chinese student—accused of stalking and threatening an activist who showed support for democracy in China—is under arrest in the United States.

A warning about new COVID-19 virus variants: U.S. consulates in China are suspending services amid an ongoing outbreak.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Senate Approves $858B NDAA Defense Spending Bill
  2. Japan Announces Unprecedented Military Build-Up
  3. Biden Blacklists China’s Top Microchip Maker YMTC
  4. FCC Commissioner: Tiktok a Concern for Parents
  5. U.S. Regulators Gain Access to Chinese Audits
  6. Chinese Student in Boston Charged with Stalking
  7. U.S. Monitoring New COVID-19 Variants from China
  8. U.S. Space Force to Launch New Unit in South Korea
  9. China Removes Six Consul Officials from UK
  10. German, Asian EV Makers Flock to Hungary
  11. Trey: How Has the World Responded to Organ Harvesting?

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