Support Each Other in Times of Adversity

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A gentle male voice with guitar accompaniment sang from the bar of this small restaurant in Hong Kong, and the audience was listening carefully.

“If the world turns out not as you expected,
Only then I realized that I don’t give up,
And hold on to your love again and again,
The storm will end, and my dream will come true,
The whole city is changing, but you are you, …….”

The song was played and sung  by Zac, the anchor of the Hong Kong Epoch Times YouTube news channel “HK Situation Report.”  This was also the blessing he sent to both Hong Kong and the world at large.

To celebrate the recent achievement of reaching 100,000 subscribers for “Zac the Anchor on the HK Situation Report,” The Epoch Times held a fan meeting, hoping to cheer up a few people during the current environment of low social morale in Hong Kong. As always, they believe the most precious thing in times of adversity is to support each other.

The Appearance of Youthful Sunshine, Brings Positive Energy

At the start of the event, Zac appeared on the stage amidst the cheers of all his fans. The image of youth and sunshine, with a bright smile, was exactly the same sort of positive energy he always brings to the audience in his show. Zac warmly greeted the fans and talked in detail about his experience as a host in recent years. The MC then read out a message from the staff members of the programme.

One of the staff members shared that “in the days to come, I hope everyone can continue to accompany and support The Epoch Times Media, use the truth to take out lies, and light up hope with kindness.”

Zac then picked up the guitar and started singing, “If the world doesn’t turn out to be as you expected……” All the fans in the audience wore T-shirts with Zac’s autograph written on them and waved the promotional signs that read “HK Situation Report.” At the climax of the song, the fans and Zac sang together. The scene was warm and touching.

When Zac sang the last line of the lyrics, “I have you in my heart,” several fans in the audience shouted, “We too!” Zac said that the enthusiasm of the fans moved him very much. He could see from the stage tears in the eyes of some of the fans below.

Epoch Times Photo
Zac playing the guitar at his fan meeting in Hong Kong. (Max Lin/The Epoch Times)
Epoch Times Photo
Zac’s fan meeting. (Juliana Chan/The Epoch Times)
Epoch Times Photo
Zac with his fans. (Juliana Chan/The Epoch Times)

If the World Does Not Turn Out to Be What You Expected, Just Be Your Best Self

“If the world does not turn out to be what you expected” is a song released by singer Charmaine Fong Ho-man in 2017, and it is also a Cantopop song that Zac likes very much. The connotation of the lyrics is how an individual faces life not staying up to expectation, a constantly changing city, and a world that does not meet one’s ideals and the like. It is also Zac’s best wishes to those present, to Hong Kong, and to the world at large.

Regarding the reason he chose this song for the occasion, Zac said: “Because the environment in Hong Kong today is not as we expected, and even seems to be going further downhill. Whether it is your life or the whole society, there will always be difficulties, but everyone must stay strong and remain positive. Face the world with a positive attitude, never give up, and be your best self. Let’s support each other and walk through adversity altogether!”

Pursue Justice and Conscience with No Fear of the Chilling Effect

Zac was a flight attendant at Cathay Pacific Airways and also a volunteer at The Epoch Times in Hong Kong. In August 2019, the CCP changed the management of the airline. At the end of the same year, the airline targeted retrospectively those employees who had made anti-extradition remarks on their FB account, and Zac was dismissed.

By coincidence, Zac waved goodbye to the halo of being a flight attendant and devoted himself full-time to the anchor work at The Hong Kong Epoch Times.

Until 2022, the general Hong Kong media was working under a chilling effect put upon by the CCP. However, Zac never retreated and was still stationed in Hong Kong, producing the programme “HK Situation Report” to deliver local and global news. The programme runs uninterrupted for 6 days a week. His courage comes not solely from his pursuit of justice and conscience but also from his own beliefs.

Zac has been practicing Falun Gong with his mother since he was 10 years old. He has benefited a lot from Falun Gong’s teaching of Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance. When he encounters conflicts with others, he will reflect more on his own problems. Falun Gong practitioners in mainland China have been subjected to brutal political persecution by the CCP for many years. Over the years, Zac has learned to have the courage to face suffering and tyranny. “The real fear is fear itself,” he said.

In this unpredictable world, Zac hopes that through his programme, the kindness and beauty that the practitioners adhere to, as well as the positive attitude of them facing the hardships of life, can be passed on to everyone. “During this tough time in Hong Kong, I only wish to continue to protect the truth, pass on justice and conscience, and accompany Hong Kong people through the long years ahead. Although times are difficult, we are not alone on our journey. ”

“HK Situation Report” Delivers the Truth and is Widely Loved by HK Audience

At the beginning of 2020, when the COVID-19 virus broke out in Wuhan, the programme “HK Pandemic Report” was established immediately. At that time, the sole purpose of the programme was to report the truth, hoping to save lives, and that is the reason for having “Pandemic” in its title. The corresponding YouTube channel was established in September 2020, and the name of the programme was changed from “Pandemic” to “Situation,” reflecting the change of focus and the needs in this battle between justice and evil. The mission of the show is to stand at the forefront of Hong Kong as the prime battlefield and protect Hong Kong’s core values.

Since the establishment of the channel, the programme has been loved by audiences of all ages in Hong Kong, and the programme subscription figure already reached 100,000 in September this year (2022). During this meeting with the fans, Zac also received enthusiastic support from those present.

Before the event started, one “die-hard fan” senior lady arrived 20 minutes before the event. She was incredibly happy when she saw Zac and could not wait to walk up to Zac and said, “I support you very much, I watch your show every day.” The lady constantly showed her cherishing eyes to Zac. After the event, she did not leave and took Zac’s hand to chat and was very reluctant to leave.

A young mother brought her 10-year-old son to the event, and they had signed up for the event very early. They were also present during the last time when Zac held a marketing event in public when the mother and son took a photo with him. This time they brought the group photo and asked Zac to sign it for them. In the live question and answer session, the mother and son answered many questions about Zac accurately, and Zac was very surprised. “What was most impressive is that about 20 minutes after the event started, a man came in a hurry to the venue carrying a heavy suitcase. At that time, he was sweating profusely, his clothes almost half wet, and even his mask was soaked. It turned out that one member of his family was being treated in the hospital today, but he still insisted on coming to Zac’s meeting after seeing the doctor. This was a touching scene, which moved all the staff of The Epoch Times present.

In addition to the fans present, some overseas fans felt that it was a pity that they could not participate in this live event because they were overseas. They also hoped to buy T-shirts autographed by Zac and declared, “Price is not an issue.”

The event also received support from many sponsors. Some companies had made beautiful little cards on which were written the support and blessings to “HK Situation Report” team and to the Epoch Times Media: “We all hope Epoch Times Media can always protect the truth in the days to come. Watch out and help each other, let’s work together!”

When Epoch Times promoters went to various shops to promote Zac’s upcoming fan meeting, many shops were happy for him, and they also sponsored many gifts for Epoch Times or put up advertisements for the Epoch Times as a sign of support. In the current situation, some of them hope that Epoch Times employees will continue to persevere, and some of them asked Epoch Times employees to pay attention to safety.

An Epoch Times employee who is over 70 years old shared a reader’s blessing to The Epoch Times with tears in her eyes: “I wish you success, you have done a lot for Hong Kong, and everyone has worked hard. Persevere and deliver more truth for the public!”

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