Suspended Hong Kong Police Officer ‘Haba Sir’ Charged with Defrauding Banks for US$3.4 Million

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Chan Hoi-gong, better known on social media as “Haba Sir,” was charged with fraud and recently said he was seeking alternative proceedings off the judicial trial mechanism. Before approval of this request, he is required to appear in court again on September 20.

Chan Hoi-gong, the now-suspended assistant district commander of Shatin district police, who is active on mainland social network platforms and often refers to himself by the nickname “Haba Sir,” was charged with two counts of fraud along with businessman Wang Ho-ngai. The case went to trial in the District Court on July 19.

Chan’s lawyer pointed out that because Wang needed documents from the prosecution and the defense was also seeking an alternative, off judicial trial mechanism to settle the charges, he applied to the court to adjourn the case. At the end of the hearing, Judge Justin Ko King-sau decided to adjourn the case to September 20. Both defendants are now on bail of HK$10,000 (US$1,270) and $5,000 (about US$640), respectively.

The first charge alleged that from May 17 to Nov. 4, 2019, Chan and Wang concealed Chan’s position as police superintendent from the Bank of East Asia. They also submitted false employment documents claiming they were employed as monthly salaried employees of  Commander Capital Company Limited to fraudulently obtain a  mortgage loan of HK$21.549 million (US$2.75 million).

The second charge alleged that from May 17 to Dec. 27, 2019, the two, together with Chan Hoi-jun, concealed from OCBC Wing Hang Credit limited that Chan hoi-gong was a police superintendent in Hong Kong and provided false documents, claiming that both Chan Hoi-gong and Chan Hoi-jun were employed by Commander Capital Company Limited, and New Winner International Trading Limited,  from Sept. to Nov., and from Nov. to Dec. 2019, respectively, and received monthly salaries, as an attempt to defraud a loan of $4.8 million (US$0.62 million).

The case number in Hong Kong: DCCC 132/2022.

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