Twitter Founder Calls for the End of Chinese Regime

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A $280 billion spending bill is signed into law. It aims to boost the American semiconductor industry and reduce dependency on China.

Another bill also gets introduced. If passed, it would block the Chinese Communist Party from buying farmland in America. The continued practice has been called a national security issue.

Twitter’s co-founder is calling for the end of the Chinese Communist Party. His statement comes as a massive movement of getting Chinese people to quit the Party reaches a new milestone.

China keeps upping its pressure on Taiwan by continuing military drills. Taiwan warns that Beijing is using the exercises as preparation to invade the island. The United States reacts.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Biden Signs Bill to Boost U.S. Chipmaking
  2. U.S. Weighing Export Ban on Chinese Chipmaker YMTC
  3. Korean Chipmakers May Shift Their China Investments
  4. Senators Try to Stop CCP from Buying U.S. Land
  5. Twitter Founder Calls for the End of Chinese Regime
  6. Taiwan: China Using Drill to Prepare for Invasion
  7. Taiwan Holds Routine Drills Amid China Tensions
  8. Japan, Solomon Islands Hold 1st Military Drill
  9. CIA Shifts Focus from Terrorism to China
  10. 1st U.S. Battery-Materials Plant to Be Built
  11. No New Chinese Companies List in U.S. This Year
  12. Company Fined for Removing ‘Made in China’ Tags
  13. South America to Discuss Trade Zone with China

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