US Responsible for Ukraine Crisis: Chinese State Media

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China publicly announced support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week, following the arrival of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in China, and openly called the United States the “initiator” of the Ukraine crisis.

Lavrov arrived in Huangshan City, Anhui Province, on March 30 for a two-day meeting, presided over by China’s foreign minister Wang Yi, to discuss issues surrounding Afghanistan. Foreign Ministers from Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Wang told Lavrov that “China-Russia relations have withstood the new test of an evolving international landscape,” and both countries should “promote China-Russia relations in the new era to higher levels.”

One day prior to the meeting, on March 29, Chinese state media, People’s Daily, published an article titled, “US Has Inescapable Responsibilities for Ukraine Crisis,” in which it claimed that the United States was the “initiator” and “the biggest driving force” of the Ukraine crisis.

According to two Chinese commentators, this new line of propaganda is merely another strategy used by the CCP to maintain control.

Zheng Jie, a political commentator based in Japan, called it “domestic propaganda.”

The tremendous number of articles being published about the United States’ “responsibilities” is a form of brainwashing of the Chinese people, Zheng told The Epoch Times. “Basically, the CCP tries to maintain its legitimacy by characterizing the United States as an enemy and by blaming the United States for China’s economic recession.”

Lu Tianming, a U.S.-based China expert and current affairs commentator, said the CCP’s changing attitude regarding the Russia-Ukraine war is a strategy to evade international sanctions.

“What the CCP is doing now—constantly shifting its standpoint—is because of the deals it had with Russia during the Beijing Olympics, which in part contributed to causing the war, and because it’s afraid of international sanctions,” he said.

“Perhaps, the CCP thinks the fact that India refused to condemn Russia will make it harder for the international community to sanction the CCP,” Lu added.

India has been making large purchases of Russian oil since the beginning of the war. Furthermore, Sergei Lavrov visited India following the meeting in China.

Epoch Times Reporters Jessica Mao and Ellen Wan contributed to this report.

Jessica Mao


Jessica Mao is a writer for The Epoch Times with a focus on China-related topics. She began writing for the Chinese-language edition in 2009.

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