Xi’s Uncertain Visit to Hong Kong Has Police in War Mode, Students Made to Meet and Greet Xi

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As 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China, news circulating pointed to the possibility of the China regime leader, Xi Jinping, visiting Hong Kong, to host the new chief executive oath-taking ceremony on July 1, 2022.  

The Hong Kong government is ready to lay out the red carpet for the event. 

Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) is going to send out every officer it has. At the same time some pro-Beijing leftist schools have invited students to partake in a so-called “Glorious Mission”—greeting the regime leader on arrival.

Writer and columnist Chen Pokong questioned whether Xi’s visit has something to do with the power struggle taking place within their party. 

Scholar Benson Wong Wai-kwok thought, that since the Hong Kong pandemic is not yet under control, such a meet-and-greet should be as simple as possible. Wong also raised the probability of the police using that day as an excuse to fine citizens with “Prohibition on Gathering Regulation (599G)” tickets. 

Professor Chung Kim-wah, on other hand, said the phenomenon reflects the current Hong Kong situation, where everyone in the government thinks “the more left you lean, the better.”

Xi Undecided About Visiting Hong Kong

It’s just a few days before July 1 approaches, yet there is no feedback on whether Xi Jinping will visit Hong Kong. 

According to multiple media sources, once Xi’s trip to Hong Kong is confirmed, it will be scheduled for two days instead of three, as it was in the past. During the visit, Xi will host the oath-taking ceremony of the new Hong Kong leader, John Lee Ka-chiu.

The Hong Kong authority will do whatever it takes to prepare for the event, such as ensuring whoever comes in contact with the president will be put in quarantine for at least a week. That includes officials and social elites.

In recent weeks, the pandemic with Covid-19 in Hong Kong has been fluctuating. With more than 1,000 new additional confirmed cases most days, it raises questions about whether Xi Jinping will be deterred from coming to Hong Kong. 

On June 14, outgoing Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said that she still would make every effort to create favorable conditions for Xi’s visit to Hong Kong. 

Therefore, Lam would not relax the pandemic entry measures requested by foreign investors, before the end of the month.

Xi Visit Due to Power Struggle?

Interestingly, Chinese-American writer Chen Pokong analyzed in an online program, that the decision of whether Xi Jinping will visit Hong Kong is not pandemic-related, but his very own personal safety.

Chen said, “Xi made a huge mess in Hong Kong, so he is scared to death for his safety.” On the other hand, this might also involve a power struggle among the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). If the CCP is slowly passing work to Li Keqiang, the China regime’s number two, sliding Xi into the background, the CCP, after a deliberation, might not agree to Xi being in Hong Kong.”

He continued that Xi Jinping’s visit depends on the upper management of the CCP, especially the Politburo Standing Committee. “This scenario places Xi at a disadvantage since at least four of the committee members protest against Xi.” Chen said.

Students Invited to Meet and Greet Xi

According to Ming Pao’s published report on June 10, Hong Kong Federation of Educators Wong Chu Biao School, a Hong Kong school known for being extremely pro-Beijing, had sent out a circular notice to parents, inviting their children to partake in a Xi’s meet-and-greet at the Hong Kong Airport on June 30 and a farewell event on July 1. However, the school requires students to be isolated in a designated hotel, accompanied by teachers for seven days. 

During that time, the students will be learning via Zoom. Only students who have received two shots of vaccinations are eligible for this “golden opportunity”.

The notice, describing the function as a “rare and glorious mission,” urged parents to persuade their kids to join. Ken Wong Kam-leung, Pro-CCP headmaster, also chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers said, “The main purpose of giving out the circular note is to understand parents’ initial response and make arrangements accordingly. Details will be announced by HKGov later.”

Police Mobilize the Entire Force to Escort Xi

On June 14 2022, Commissioner of Police Raymond Siu Chak-yee expressed that the visit of Xi Jinping is yet to be confirmed. However, Siu shared that the force has been preparing the security logistics for the coming July 1, since 2021. To make sure the day is a smooth sail, the Hong Kong Police Force will mobilize the entire force and be ready for dispatch, including special forces, logistics personnel and retired police officers. CIDs will also be sent out to the streets and observe any suspicious  person or item. 

In the past, when Hu Jintao, former leader of PRC visited in 2012, The police dispatched approximately 30,000 police officers. In 2017, when Xi Jinping visited, approximately 10,000 were dispatched. 

So based on what Siu had said, if and when Xi visits Hong Kong on July 1, 2022, police will send out closer to 30,000 officers, which is three times more than his visit 10 years ago.

On June 25, 2017, Xinhua News Agency published a press release, announcing Xi Jinping’s visit to Hong Kong from June 29 to July 1, 2017. 

Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan arrived in Hong Kong on June 29, 2017, and departed three days later, after attending the inauguration ceremony of the Hong Kong government on July 1. During his 3-day trip five years ago, Xi Jinping met with more than 100 political and business persons. Xi also stopped by at Junior Police Permanent Activity Centre and at the Integrated Youth Training Camp, Shek Kong Barracks, while his wife Peng visited kindergartens and elderly nursing homes.

During Xi’s Last Visit, Demonstrations in Hong Kong Were Suppressed

On June 28 2017, 26 activists from the now disbanded Demonsisto and League of Social Democrats, including Joshua Wong Chi-fung, Nathan Law Kwun-chung, Wong Ho-ming, Leung Kwok-hung (Long Hair), Avery Ng Man-yuen , Figo Chan Ho-wun, Tam Tak-chi (Fast Beat), Tsang Kin-shing and Agnes Chow Ting, climbed onto the bronze statue of The Golden Bauhinia Square; they demonstrated and displayed a banner which wrote “Unconditionally release Liu Xiaobo. Hongkongers want true universal suffrage”.

They were all arrested by the police one by one that evening.

On June 30, 2017 the Hong Kong National Party planned to hold a rally at the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower, but the police issued a prohibition notice of assemblies. Convener of the assembly, Chan Ho-tin, appeared in Tsim Sha Tsui that day and was surrounded by more than 100 police officers.

On the morning of July 1, 2017 the League of Social Democrats and Demosisto marched to the flag-raising ceremony in Wan Chai to protest. While the members were waiting in front of the Family Planning Association Hong Kong, a number of unknown people smashed up their belongings and demonstration props, while others went on to attack the demonstrators.

Glorious Mission or Political Brainwashing

In response to an interview with our reporter, Professor Benson Wong Wai-kwok, former assistant professor of politics and international relations at Hong Kong Baptist University, pointed out that since the Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong is still unstable, Xi Jinping may not necessarily attend the ceremony in Hong Kong for health reasons. 

“Even if Xi Jinping decides to visit Hong Kong, shouldn’t the Hong Kong government simplify the welcome and farewell ceremonies to reduce the risks of the virus infection? Xi Jinping can always go directly to the inauguration ceremony as soon as he arrives in Hong Kong and return to Beijing immediately after the event.” Wong said.

Wong also questioned whether the Hong Kong Federation of Educators Wong Chu Biao School is jeopardizing the health of its students and teachers in exchange for currying favour with the CCP. 

“The so-called “Glorious Mission” in the circular is entirely political brainwashing. As for the police dispatching 30,000 officers, that is just a formal political gesture to national leaders. However, we can’t be sure if the police would not issue random 599G tickets to fine citizens who are bothered by HKPF’s nuisance and inconvenience.” Wong worried.

Threatening Citizens to Keep Their Mouths Shut

Professor Chung Kim-wah, former assistant professor in the Department of Applied Social Sciences at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, stated, “If I were a parent of HKFEW Wong Chu Biao School, there is no way I would let my children attend the “Glorious Mission” meet and greet ceremonies.” Chung also did not rule out the possibility of some parents’ refusal of their children to participate in the red-pleasing act.

Chung also reckoned that dispatching 30,000 police officers is just over the top. It will be the same as it was 5 years ago when Xi visited. 

“Police were everywhere. the public was so fearful that they kept their mouths shut. Maybe that’s what made the police think they did a great job.” Chung stated.

The facts above reflect what is happening in Hong Kong today: Whether you are on top or at the bottom of the food chain, the more of a leftist you are, the better.

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