Anxiety Running Your Life? 3 Ways to Get Your Life Back

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It seems like anxiety is on the rise in all ages: Children suffering from stomach aches or panic attacks, adults having panic attacks that feel like heart attacks, and the elderly experiencing overwhelming mental unease with any changes to their routine. All ages are getting affected by anxiety these days. It is so common that one in every three or four is dealing with some sort of mental disorder. 

What can we do about it? How can we help ourselves and stay out of the overwhelmed medical system? How can we empower ourselves with some tools that don’t necessarily cost a lot of money but can get us some relief from the treadmill of anxiety? With the current state of affairs and statistics, there must be something that can help. 

Well, there are many reasons for anxiety. It can be purely physical. It can be purely event-driven. It can be purely energetic or any combination of all of them. Did you know anxiety may not even be yours? How is that possible? Well, it is. Let’s walk through some ways to help support people who are feeling like they are experiencing symptoms of anxiety. But before we start, let’s explore what anxiety even feels or looks like. 

Anxiety may sometimes manifest as stomach pain, or even nausea. It may come as diarrhea, insomnia, excessive urination, hives, or skin allergies that flare up with stress. It may even come with heart palpitations or tightness in the chest. Anxiety can feel overwhelming and cause excessive thoughts of worry. It may bring about a sense of numbness, panic, or breathing issues. There are many more ways that anxiety can show up, but these are some of the more common symptoms. 

3 Ways to Deal With Anxiety

Did you know that your anxiety may be caused by low blood sugar? Making sure you are eating enough and at regular intervals may be key to reducing your symptoms. Tending to your blood sugar will also help you sleep better. Eating enough good fats and proteins, which take longer to digest, can balance blood sugar better than simple carbohydrates like sugar and refined grains do. 

Food consumption should also match your activity level. Two supportive nutrients that can be helpful are chromium—a blood sugar-balancing mineral, and glutamine—a blood sugar-balancing amino acid. Glutamine has many roles in the body, and balancing blood sugar is one of them. Cinnamon is also a great spice to balance blood sugar.   

Did you know that being around nature and animals can help build up resilience in our bodies? Nature often follows a slower rhythm than the pace of our lives. Making a commitment to get outside in nature can be a way to discharge some of the anxiety and regulate our systems. Being among trees, sitting by an ocean, or simply going to a park can help slow down the heart rate and breathing. The extra oxygen and natural aromatherapy of the environment may have a wonderful effect on our minds and bodies. Make a commitment to get outside every day and see how it makes you feel. 

Animals are wonderful at supporting our mental health, especially if they are sleeping on or near us. Sometimes just petting an animal can regulate our nervous system. Even being aware of them from a distance, like watching a bird fly in the sky or even perched on a branch, taking in the details and the rhythms of their activity can regulate our nervous system. The key is to become more aware of them while remaining present and grounded in the body. If they are in a relaxed state, we will harmonize with them. An interesting thing to look up is the HeartMath Institute for some insightful information on what is called coherence and see how it can greatly impact the state of being. 

Finally, did you know that a lot of people experience anxiety that is not even theirs? Empaths and highly sensitive people can sense the environment of a room, train station, office, and even the people around them—particularly the people closest to them. They pick up that feeling and make it their own. It is a gift of awareness, but it can quickly hijack a person and become overwhelming if they are not careful. 

There are several awareness tools that can be applied to bring awareness back to each person’s own feelings and energy. One mindset is to give back everyone’s “junk” or troubles by listing every possible category of people and situations in a person’s history or experience, then saying, “take your junk back” to each category. Finally, another mindset is to make a pretend snowball containing all the energy of the anxiety or worry and throw it out whenever something needs to be thrown out. Throwing out the anxiety or worry, for example, with the garbage. 

All of these tools of awareness are mindset shifts and can bring an instant release of the feelings of anxiety—signaling that the anxiety was actually someone else’s. Being in our own energy field can be very freeing and calming at the same time. Try to be aware of your own emotions and learn to distinguish what is yours from external feelings that you may be absorbing, especially as you run across different people and situations during the day. 

These are just a few tools that can be done with ease and a little commitment. They may be just simple actions but they can have a profound effect on how people feel. It’s important to remember that we have the power to impact how we feel when dealing with anxiety. These tools are great for all ages and all situations. Taking small steps toward self-care can have a snowball effect, try some of them and see what shifts. It may just be everything or something, which is better than nothing. 

Heather Drummond


Heather Drummond is a naturopath who is trained and certified in Holistic Nutrition, Reflexology, Acupuncture, various Energy Medicine and Vibrational Medicine modalities, Bach Flower Remedies, and “The School of Life.” Heather loves empowering people with tools to support themselves and their animals to reduce stress and optimize their well-being.

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