Approval rating of Biden increases, concerns about extremism remain high: Reuters/Ipsos survey.

According to a recent poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have slightly improved in the past month. More Americans are now expressing concerns about extremism and threats to democracy as the top worries leading up to the Nov. 5 election.

40% of Americans surveyed approve of Biden’s performance, while 56% disapprove. This is a slight increase from the previous month’s poll, where only 37% approved of Biden, marking one of the lowest levels of his presidency.

The online survey took place from March 22-24, following Biden’s State of the Union address, in which he delivered a robust speech challenging Republicans to address concerns about his age and stamina.

At 81, Biden is seeking a second term in office and is expected to compete against former President Donald Trump, 77, in the upcoming election.

A higher number of respondents expressed worries about political extremism and threats to democracy, with 23% naming it as their primary concern, up from 21% in the previous month.

Democrats showed the most concern over this issue with 36%, while 11% of Republicans and 25% of independent voters shared the same worry.

Other top concerns among voters included the economy (19%) and immigration (17%).

Although immigration remains a top concern for 32% of Republican voters, this percentage has decreased from the previous month’s poll, where 38% of Republicans considered it the most significant national issue.

Survey participants mostly expressed unfavorable opinions towards the country’s institutions, with disapproval ratings for the House of Representatives (65%), the Senate (60%), and the Supreme Court (56%). The Federal Reserve received a majority favorable rating (53%).

The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates since March 2022 to combat inflation but has maintained steady rates since July and is anticipated to cut rates later this year.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll collected responses online from 1,021 adults using a nationally representative sample with a margin of error of approximately 3 percentage points.

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