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Baby Camel Jumps for Joy Seeing Snow for the First Time, Runs to Call His Goat Friends

Albert the baby camel is only six months old and gets excited by all sorts of things. But his first sight of snow had him jumping for joy. The gorgeous moment when he emerged from his barn at a California ranch to wintery surroundings was captured on video which quickly went viral, delighting viewers around the world.

Kicking up his heels and leaping around, it was clear baby Albert was thrilled by the snowy spectacle.

“Today was the first time ever Albert saw snow” read the captions on the TikTok video shared by Rancho Grande Ojai. After frolicking around, the one-humped camel (known as a dromedary) took off, appearing to want to get his special friends, a herd of goats, from their barn.

“Albert wanted to make sure the goats were seeing the snow too,” his keepers said in the video.

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(Video Credit: Newsflare)

Amusingly, we can see the goats following Albert around in the video as he seemingly showed them some of his favorite spots around the ranch.

“We put him in the barn at night and during day he walks around and has some apples and dates and then walks around the ranch all day,” Richard told Newsflare.

The cute footage has amassed over three million views and has been putting big smiles on viewers’ faces. People have fallen in love with joyful Albert in the snow.

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The owners of the 200-acre ranch are Richard and Linda Murad. Located in the Los Padres National Forest, it is one of California’s oldest cattle ranches. The couple run the ranch with the help of their three children Alex, Shelley, and Jack.

Speaking to Newsweek, Richard, 62, said the baby camel ended up living at Ojai after the family saw him advertised for sale in Texas. A veterinarian told them that Albert is unable to feed from his mom and required round-the-clock care, and they decided they would do it.

When a social media user commented to ask if Albert is the leader of the goats—as the playfully confident camel certainly seems to be—his owners responded “Not really the leader but the biggest in size does matter. Albert is still a baby.”

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Some viewers were concerned Albert may be existing in unnatural weather conditions, asking if Albert is in the wrong climate and if he gets cold.

His kind carers took a moment to reassure them, saying:

“So far this season he has not shown signs he is cold. He has so much fur too.

“Also Albert has a nice barn just for him that he sleeps in. He can go there anytime he wants. He just loves walking around and meeting all.”

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