Barney Frank Considers Hunter Biden Indictments as ‘Beneficial,’ Says to Newsmax

Former Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Barney Frank told Newsmax on Friday that Hunter Biden’s recent indictments are “helpful” for President Joe Biden’s reelection chances.

When asked if Hunter Biden’s being indicted on three federal gun charges will hurt his father’s reelection campaign, Frank said on “Wake Up America” that “there is no connection between President Biden and Hunter Biden. In fact, I think this is helpful.”

He added, “I said before I thought it was a mistake that he wasn’t being indicted. The president is, for a long time, committed to serious enforcement of laws to keep people from getting guns … who will misuse them. And he should have been indicted before and I’m glad that he is.”

Frank said that Hunter Biden being indicted “helps undercut the argument” concerning his deal with prosecutors, which fell apart over an agreement not to seek future indictments.

He later said that “in a similar situation with [former President Donald] Trump, there’d be a pardon” on the table.

“It should be very clear,” Frank said. “Everybody close to Donald Trump who was convicted, not simply accused of a serious crime, was pardoned. And that is a big difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.”

The former congressman added that he’s “absolutely sure” Biden will not pardon his son.


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