Ben Carson Urges Newsmax to Resist Repeating COVID Mandates

The U.S. government wants to control Americans, and we shouldn’t allow it, said former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson.

“Look at how much control they were able to exercise over the people: shutting down the schools, keeping our children from learning, putting them so far behind. It’s going to take years, maybe decades, for them to catch up again,” Carson said Thursday during an appearance on Newsmax‘s “American Agenda.”

“These are serious problems. And if you don’t look at those ramifications, instead you just look at your desire to see how you can control and manipulate people, then we are in big trouble if that’s the case.”

The Biden administration on Wednesday announced it was providing $600 million in funding to produce new at-home COVID-19 tests, aiming to prevent possible shortages during a rise in coronavirus cases that has typically come during colder months.

The new effort is meant to guard against supply chain issues that sparked some shortages of at-home COVID-19 tests made overseas during past surges in coronavirus cases.

Carson said Americans shouldn’t allow themselves to be “manipulated and terrified by COVID.

“Don’t do it. Look at the facts. Look at the fact that viruses, when they come back again, they reiterate as another variety; they’re generally weaker. They spread easily but they’re weaker,” he said.

“With all this new COVID testing of course you’re going to find a lot of people who test positive. They may not be sick at all, but they will test positive because that’s the way it works.

“We can’t let them shut down the businesses, shut down the schools, and cause the kind of havoc and economic distress we had before. It’s going to have to be we the people who say we simply aren’t going to do it.”

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