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Bernie Kerik to Newsmax: Trump ‘Guaranteed’ to Be Nominee

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg might have intended to block former President Donald Trump from running in 2024, but indicting the former president will have the opposite effect, former New York City Police Department Commissioner Bernie Kerik said on Newsmax.

“This is going to propel him to be the [Republican presidential] nominee in 2024,” Kerik said on Thursday night’s “Greg Kelly Reports.” “If anybody doubted it before, guaranteed now, this is it.”

The “George Soros” attempt to meddle in U.S. criminal justice and elections is moving forward, but it can’t stop Trump from running again, Kerik said.

“I have got to be honest, I’m not surprised: This is the Democratic Party and George Soros controlling their puppet, and they’re going to do everything they can — as I’ve said over the last several weeks — to stop him from running in 2024,” Kerik said.

“He’ll get through this. He’ll battle his way through it like he has everything else. I’m confident that the judge will dismiss — unless you have a completely corrupt judge, which these days, anything is possible — but unless you have a completely corrupt judge, this thing will be dismissed.”

Kerik said Democrats will have to turn to their attempts to derail Trump in Georgia, with District Attorney Fani Willis’ grand jury about Trump’s seeking to challenge the 2020 presidential election or special counsel Jack Smith’s looking into the events of Jan. 6, 2021 at the U.S. Capitol.

“Then, I’m sure that Fulton County, Georgia, and the U.S. attorney, they’ll try the same shenanigans,” Kerik said.

Meanwhile, the NYPD will handle any potential unrest and violence, Kerik said.

“The New York City Police Department’s going to keep Trump safe, the city secure,” he said. “They have to secure the downtown area by the DA’s office. I hear the district attorney himself has added security at his residence, and they’re going to have to secure the towers.

“The big thing is, Secret Service is going to have to get him in here to surrender on Tuesday. I understand it’s going to be Tuesday. They’ll get him in, and they’ll get him out.”


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