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Biden Addresses Concerns Regarding His Age with Confidence

President Joe Biden is ridiculing concerns being made over his age and reports that he may drop out of the race, telling voters that he still plans to top the presidential contest in the 2024 elections. 

“I tell you what, someone said, ‘You know what? That Biden, he’s getting old, man,'” Biden told members of the Sheet Metal Workers union during a Labor Day speech in Philadelphia Monday, reports Mediaite. “Well, guess what? Guess what? You know, the only thing that comes with age is a little bit of wisdom. I’ve been doing this longer than anybody, and guess what? I’m going to continue to do it, with your help.”

Biden’s comments come after a Sunday interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” during which Biden biographer Franklin Foer, author of the book “The Last Politician,” told host Chuck Todd that it would be “no total shock” if Biden drops out of his reelection bid because of his age. 

Biden, at 80 years of age, has not given any indication that he’s considering dropping out of the race, but Foer said the president “uses this word, ‘fate,’ constantly,” when he’s talking about his life. 

USA Today, reporting on comments made by a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, noted that “even if Biden’s age has not affected his ability to do the job, some members of the public may ‘believe he is not mentally sharp enough or that he lacks the necessary physical stamina.”

The president has also been making several gaffes while speaking, including in June, when he referred to India’s prime minister as the prime minister of China, and he mixed up Ukraine and Iraq twice in two days. Concerns for Biden’s health have also grown after he tripped and fell during the U.S. Air Force graduation ceremonies this summer. 

Meanwhile, a poll released Monday by The Wall Street Journal showed that former President Donald Trump, who is about four years younger than Biden, is leading him by 26 points on the issue of age. 

Further, 73% of registered voters said in the poll that Biden is “too old to run for president,” including two-thirds of Democrats who said the president is too old to seek reelection.

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