Biden Administration Decides Against Addressing Border Issues, Rep. Mast Tells Newsmax

Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., told Newsmax on Thursday that the Biden administration could change the situation at the border very quickly — if it wanted to.

“Just keep people that are on the other side of the border on the other side of the border,” Mast said during an appearance on “American Agenda.” “The administration could do that starting one minute from now, if they chose to. They choose not to. They choose not to have Remain in Mexico. They choose to transport people, take care of their legal costs, take care of their trauma costs, take care of their lodging, their food, their everything else.”

“They don’t mind it,” he continued. “They want to see it continue, only for the fact that they’re now starting to get hammered by states like New York that are finally starting to realize the scope of this problem that Arizona and Texas have been realizing for years.”

According to two Department of Homeland Security officials, more than 7,500 migrants were apprehended at the southern border on Sunday, as attempts to enter the U.S. surge amid cooler temperatures.

The largest freight train operator in Mexico, Ferromex, was forced to suspend 60 routes headed north to the U.S. because of migrants hitching rides, NBC News reported Wednesday.

“The accumulation of migrants in recent days has increased significantly,” Ferromex said in a statement.

The company added that halting the trains is intended to “avoid accidents or loss of life,” as incidents of injury and death have increased with the mass migration event.

As many as 1,000 migrants could be clinging to a single train, with one recently spotted carrying up to 1,500, according to NBC.

Former Trump Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta told Newsmax in July that Americans don’t want electric vehicles, despite the Biden administration pushing tax credits to stimulate demand.

“Consumers are saying, ‘We do not want electric vehicles,'” Acosta said at the time. “Ford invested a lot of money and is now having to go back and say we made a mistake. Consumers want hybrids. Consumers want traditional cars, and it’s having to retool its factories. As a result, government programs don’t work.”

Instead of fixing the border crisis, Mast said that the Biden administration, led by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, is aggressively pushing electric vehicles to a skeptical American public that isn’t clamoring for them.

“Ultimately you have the administration and Buttigieg leading this, making a false demand signal to the auto industry saying, ‘Hey, people are going to want this because we’re going to create the conditions that they do want them,’ ” he said. “People don’t actually want them and they’re sitting on piles of these vehicles that they cannot sell, that Americans don’t want, in many cases, at any price.”


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