Biden Campaign Requests Republicans to Dismiss Mail Ballot Lawsuits

The Biden campaign is calling on Republicans to drop their numerous lawsuits concerning mail-in ballots now that former President Trump has expressed support for different forms of voting.

“If Donald Trump truly believes that mail voting is a valuable option for voters this November, he should urge the RNC and his supporters to withdraw all of these lawsuits across the country,” stated Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez on Thursday.

Last week, the Republican National Committee launched the “Swamp the Vote” initiative to promote the use of absentee ballots, mail-in voting, and early in-person voting.

Democrats are trying to portray Republicans, especially Trump, as inconsistent on the issue of mail-in voting.

The RNC is currently facing legal challenges related to ballot returns in several states, including Illinois, Mississippi, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

“I believe in voting in any form, but early voting is definitely happening,” Trump told Charles Benson of Scripps News in May.

“I support a return to paper ballots, same-day voting, and voter ID – that’s what we really need. Because the elections are not secure, and Wisconsin was a prime example of that.”

However, ballot integrity is a top priority for RNC Chair Michael Whately under his leadership.

The RNC will be heavily focused on increasing voter turnout and safeguarding the integrity of the ballot, Whately stated in March.

“The right to vote should always be guaranteed. Eligible voters should have confidence that their votes will be counted and that the 2024 election will be transparent and fair,” said Chavez Rodriguez.

Republicans responded on Thursday, stating that Democrats are conflating two separate issues and there is no contradiction in supporting mail-in voting while also ensuring its security.

“Democrats are feigning ignorance about a simple concept: We support mail voting, but we also advocate for measures to make it secure,” said Danielle Alvarez, a spokesperson for the RNC and the Trump campaign in response.

“It’s not difficult: The left needs to cease their attacks on the foundation of our election system and acknowledge that Americans do not agree with their extreme efforts to compromise voting security.”

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