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Biden Criticized for Abruptly Leaving Medal of Honor Ceremony

President Joe Biden faced criticism on social media for leaving a Medal of Honor ceremony immediately after bestowing the prestigious military award on Army Capt. Larry Taylor. The incident occurred during a ceremony at the White House, where 81-year-old Capt. Taylor received the honor. As Chaplain Brig. Gen. William Green Jr. delivered a closing benediction, Biden left the venue, which sparked outrage online.

Navy SEAL veteran and podcast host Shawn Ryan expressed his disapproval on Twitter, calling Biden “an idiot” and citing his lack of respect towards various individuals and groups. Rep. Wesley Hunt, an Army veteran, also took to Twitter, pointing out Biden’s previous incident where he appeared to check his watch during a ceremony for fallen U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Some speculated whether Biden’s sudden departure from the ceremony was due to confusion or senility. Tim Harmsen, Gun Owners of America state director for Indiana, questioned whether it was intentional or a result of Biden’s self-absorption and blunders. Last week, Biden had a similar moment of confusion at FEMA headquarters when he asked his handlers, “Where am I going?”

The official video of the ceremony released by the White House does not include the chaplain’s benediction. Taylor, a distinguished helicopter pilot, received the Medal of Honor for his bravery during a battle in Vietnam in 1968. Despite intense enemy fire, he carried out low-level attack runs and successfully rescued a four-man patrol group using his helicopter.

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