Biden to Advocate for Ukraine Aid During UN Speech

President Joe Biden will call for international support for Ukraine when he addresses the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, CNBC reports.

Biden will deliver a speech focusing on the importance of democracy and opposition to aggressive autocracies similar to his address at the Group of 20 Summit, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Friday during a press briefing, adding that a “substantial section” of the address will be devoted to the war in Ukraine.

“He will talk about the fundamental fact that the United Nations Charter … speaks to the basic proposition that countries cannot attack their neighbors and steal their territory by force,” Sullivan said, referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “That was also a proposition that was at the core of the G-20 statement last weekend.”

Biden “will lay out for the world the steps that he and his administration have taken to advance a vision of American leadership that is built on the premise of working with others to solve the world’s most pressing problems,” Sullivan said.

Biden will address the leaders of about 145 nations, but not the leaders of the United Kingdom, France, China, or Russia, four of the five countries with permanent seats on the U.N. Security Council. One world leader in attendance will be Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in his first trip to the U.N. summit since the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

“President Biden looks forward to hearing President Zelenskyy’s perspective on all of this and to reaffirm for the world and for the United States, for the American people, his commitment to continuing to lead the world in supporting Ukraine,” Sullivan added.

Later this week, Biden will meet with his Brazilian counterpart, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the leaders of several central Asian countries.

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