Biggs Responds to Newsmax: Certain Republicans Call for a ‘Polygraph’ Test on Joe Biden

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., told Newsmax on Thursday that he’s not sure what kind of evidence some of his Republican colleagues require to prove President Joe Biden was involved in foreign influence-peddling and bribery.

“I’m not sure what they want,” Biggs said during an appearance on Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show.” “You have the Burisma CEO saying that he sent $5 million to pay off Joe Biden in exchange for Joe Biden basically getting [Ukrainian prosecutor] Viktor Shokin fired. You have Devon Archer’s testimony that there was phone calls made to D.C., but, the point is, I don’t know what they want.

“They want Joe Biden sitting there with a polygraph on him and a confession from him I guess, because we have all this stuff,” he continued. “It leads right back to Joe Biden.”

The “stuff” Biggs was referring to includes “lots of documentary evidence,” as well as testimony from former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski.

Biggs, who sits on the House Oversight and Judiciary committees, also commented on the Thursday indictment of Hunter Biden on three firearms charges.

“To me, the timing shows that it’s very suspect because it seems to coincide with the impeachment inquiry, and also, it’s very telling for me that maybe the Biden and the Democrat team is getting ready to throw Hunter Biden off the cliff as the sacrificial lamb,” the Arizona congressman said.

Discussing the impeachment inquiry of Biden that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., ordered on Tuesday, Biggs said that he views the proceeding as a “deflection” from issues such as the looming government shutdown if a deal to fund the federal government is not reached by Sept. 30.

“I also think the impeachment inquiry is several months late,” he said. “We could have been doing this earlier because there’s been mountains of evidence for some time.”

When asked why Republicans have yet to issue a subpoena for Hunter Biden to testify, while former President Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr., was subpoenaed to testify on Capitol Hill multiple times by the Democrats, Biggs said, “We know how to do it, we just have to do it.”

“Let’s just cut to the chase: Hunter Biden needs to be subpoenaed,” he said. “I know [House Oversight Committee] Chairman [James] Comer is intending to do so. I believe that’s the next step.”


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