Chaos Looms as China U-Turns on Zero-COVID-19 Policy

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The World Health Organization is warning that tough times are ahead for China. Beijing is now U-turning on its zero-COVID-19 policy.

Funeral homes in Beijing are struggling to meet increased demand for cremations. Video shows long queues of hearses waiting to store dead bodies.

Lawmakers are introducing a new bill in Washington. The goal is to squeeze Huawei out of U.S. financial systems.

The Biden administration is sending African leaders a message during a summit: America is a better partner for Africa than China.

A Chinese billionaire is wanted in the United States. We look at why the state of California wants to extradite him from the UK.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Chaos Looms as China U-Turns Zero-COVID-19
  2. World Health Organization: China May Pay Hefty Price for U-Turn on Virus
  3. Video: Long Lines at Crematory Amid China Virus Surge
  4. How One Chinese Man Became a Twitter Sensation Amid China’s Anti-Lockdown Protests
  5. Lawmakers Introduce Bill, Aim to Cut Huawei from U.S. Financial System
  6. China a Hot Topic as Biden Woos African Leaders
  7. Ex-Marine Held in Australia Faces U.S. Charges
  8. Chinese Billionaire Accused of Bribery in U.S.
  9. Hong Kong Demands Chinese National Anthem, Google Refuses
  10. Trey: Exposing China’s Lucrative Organ Trade

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