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GOP Presidential Candidate Chris Christie Hosts Town Hall In Bedford, New Hampshire

BEDFORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE - DECEMBER 19: Republican presidential candidate former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks during a "Tell It Like It Is" town hall at the Bedford Event Center on December 19, 2023 in Bedford, New Hampshire. Republican presidential candidate Christie is continuing his "Tell It Like It Is" town hall series across New Hampshire.
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OAN’s Abril Elfi
3:02 PM – Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Chris Christie has now suggested that he may resume his presidential campaign, but this time, as a third-party candidate.


On Tuesday, the former New Jersey Governor (R-N.J.) said that he would first need to discuss the idea with his wife.

“It’d be a long conversation between me and Mary Pat, I can guarantee you that,” Christie said.

Christie maintained that “No Labels” candidates could see a clear path to winning the 2024 presidential election. He also said that third-party candidates have “favorable chances of creating meaningful change.”

Christie continued, explaining that during his quest for the Republican nomination, his main source of frustration was the reluctance of other GOP contenders to remove former President Donald Trump.

“We have so many people in our party who complain about Donald Trump, but none of them are willing to do the hard work that needs to be done to rid our party and our country of him,” he said.

He reiterated past comments and vowed to not vote for Trump in the general election. Christie also predicted that the 45th president would accept the Republican nomination “as a convicted felon” in July.

“If the Senate had done its job in January of 2021 and convicted him, which, I believe he’ll be convicted by a jury of his peers for that conduct … my guess is that he will be – more likely than not – a convicted felon when he gets up on the stage at the nominating convention,” Christie stated.

“What it says to the largest debate audience we were ever going to have during the primary is his conduct is normal,” Christie explained. “Six of these eight candidates who were running against him say it’s okay, so how do you expect voters to think it’s not okay?”

Christie endorsed Donald Trump for president back in 2016, something he referred to as “purely” a political strategy.

“It was the biggest mistake I’ve made in my political career, and I’m just not going to repeat that mistake for anybody,” he asserted.

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