Christie Prepared to Withdraw from Race In Case of Unfavorable N.H. Primary Outcome

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said he’ll leave the race for the party’s nomination if his campaign does not perform well in New Hampshire, the first primary state, but not before then. 

“I can’t see myself leaving the race under any circumstances before New Hampshire,” the former New Jersey governor told The New York Times. “If I don’t do well in New Hampshire, then I’ll leave.”

Christie’s poll numbers have been rising in New Hampshire, where an Emerson College poll last month showed him in second place with 9%, but still far behind former President Donald Trump, the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination. 

According to a Times analysis, more than 90% of Christie’s campaign stops have been in New Hampshire since February.

Christie has also emerged as Trump’s most vocal critic, often denouncing him while speaking to voters.

Christie also told The Times that the key to keeping Trump from returning to the White House is defeating him in an early state, like New Hampshire.

“I think once Donald Trump loses in one place, that entire rotted building will crumble,” said Christie, who also admitted that if Trump will be the nominee if he wins in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire, Christie added, is about “retail campaigning” rather than big policy speeches, because “what you do is come up here to meet voters.”

Sandy Fitzgerald

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