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Christie Sympathizes with Donald Trump Amidst Recent Insults, Expresses Concern

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told Newsmax he feels “bad” for Donald Trump after the former president insulted his rival for the Republican presidential nomination during a podcast, calling Christie “a lunatic.”

“Chris Christie and maybe deranged [special counsel] Jack Smith should get together for dinner,” Trump said during “The Hugh Hewitt Show.” [Christie’s] just a lunatic.”

Christie said Trump was saying something quite different when he supported the businessman in 2016 and then chaired his transition team after winning the White House.

“I feel bad for Donald. I really do,” Christie said during “Eric Bolling The Balance” Wednesday. “He’s on there saying that I’m not very smart, that I’m very deranged. He didn’t think that in 2018 when he offered me White House chief of staff. He didn’t think that in 2016 when he made me chairman of his transition. He didn’t think that in 2017 when he made me chairman of his opioid commission. He didn’t think of that when he offered me director of … Homeland Security twice and secretary of Labor.”

Christie said he disagrees with how Trump handled the 2020 election, but he does understand the pressure he is under.

“I disagree with the things that Donald Trump did in the 2020 election. I disagree with the way he’s conducted himself after the fact. I think it’s bad for the country. I think it’s beneath the office he held,” Christie said.

“But when he says stuff like that about somebody who supported him in 2016, prepared him for the debates with Hillary Clinton, supported him in 2020 and prepared for the debates with Joe Biden — if I was so useless and dumb and deranged, how did all that stuff happen?

“It’s sad. He’s under a lot of stress and a lot of pressure and saying these things makes me really concerned for his mental health,” he added.


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