Comer: Dems Attempting to ‘Distract’ Public from Biden’s Threat

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, R-Ky., told Newsmax late Thursday night that Democrats are guilty of trying to “distract and deflect” attention away from the problem at hand: that the Biden family’s peddling of President Joe Biden to our “enemies around the world” has made him a national security threat to the U.S.

That’s the upshot from the first day of testimony in the impeachment inquiry into Biden, with Comer telling “Greg Kelly Reports” that Democrats brought a lot of “theatrics” to the hearing but couldn’t — or wouldn’t — say how Biden’s family made $20 million without anything tangible to sell.

“The Democrats had a lot of theatrics,” Comer said. “They tried to pull a lot of motions to disrupt. But one thing they didn’t do: They didn’t say what the Bidens did to receive the $20 million. They didn’t deny the fact that we said that the Bidens had 20 shell companies. They didn’t deny the fact that the Bidens had been money laundering, and they didn’t deny the fact that the Biden family had been influence peddling.”

Further, Democrats, despite having the mainstream media in their pockets, can’t convince the American people otherwise either.

“If [Americans] were watching this hearing today, what they saw were Democrats try to distract, obstruct, and deflect from the problem at hand. And the problem at hand is our commander in chief, our president of the United States’ family has been selling him all over the world to our enemies for millions and millions of dollars, and this is a threat to our national security,” Comer told Kelly.

Comer said he felt “good” about the work that the 26 Republicans on the Oversight panel did earlier Thursday.

“We had two purposes today. First of all, it was … the justification for impeachment inquiry. All three witnesses said that we had reached the barrier and surpassed the barrier for impeachment inquiry,” Comer said. “And the second purpose was to reintroduce the evidence to our friends in the mainstream media who continue to say there’s no evidence.”

Comer added that committee Republicans showed “actual hard evidence of some type of criminality by the Bidens. It also showed the coordination and Joe’s involvement in the Biden family influence peddling.

“Joe was the brand that they were selling. And we believe that that’s pretty incriminating evidence against Joe.”


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