Congressman Ronny Jackson Tells Newsmax: Overwhelming Evidence Against Bidens

There is a “mountain” of evidence indicating President Joe Biden was peddling influence in pay-for-play schemes, hid the money through shell companies, and lied to the American people about it, Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson told Newsmax.

On the impeachment inquiry, Jackson told “The Chris Salcedo Show” Wednesday that “there’s a ton of stuff here.”

“There’s all the shell companies that we’ve uncovered. There’s the millions and millions of dollars that have gone to members of the Biden family, including grandkids and things like that; explain to me how … that happens.” Jackson continued.

“There’s the pseudonym Joe Biden was using for emails, and we find out that there’s thousands of emails between the pseudonym and Hunter Biden and some of his business associates. [There] were supposedly recorded phone calls that we’ve heard about. There’s people that have testified — whistleblowers that have come forward and said they were part of these conference calls where Joe Biden was calling.

“There’s just a mountain — an absolute mountain — of evidence of corruption against the Biden crime family at this particular point. In my mind, we have more than enough to impeach him right now,” he continued.

“I mean, I don’t even think we have to go down the process of impeachment inquiry, but that’s what we’re doing. That’s fine. We’ll gather more information. We’ll get more documents. It will give us a little more power to get some more information. But this needs to end in an impeachment of Joe Biden.”


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Nick Koutsobinas

Nick Koutsobinas, a Newsmax writer, has years of news reporting experience. A graduate from Missouri State University’s philosophy program, he focuses on exposing corruption and censorship.

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