Copley on Message West Needs to Send China

In this special episode, we’ll be hearing from Gregory Copley, president of the International Strategic Studies Association. He sheds light on the key takeaways from China’s biggest political meeting, what that means for U.S.-China relations going forward, and the economic impacts.

Copley said, “There’s no question that a lot of the masks are coming off, both in Washington and in Beijing. There’s no question that Beijing cannot anymore ignore the reality that the United States has put itself in a very strong position by limiting computer chip production and availability for the People’s Republic of China, and Beijing will have to do something about that.

“The question is, what [will they] do? … There’s been a lot of talk about the feasibility of a breakout military action against the West, largely by an invasion of Taiwan by the People’s Liberation Army. That has been the cause for a lot of wargaming exercises to take place in the West to see whether that would be feasible. It certainly would be a very risky affair for Beijing to undertake,” he added.

As for what the United States should do, Copley suggested: “It’s critical that the United States and its allies show real resolve in letting Xi Jinping know that an open war is not an option which is viable, and showing that an open war is something that he absolutely will lose, and it will cost him his party and probably his life.”

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