COVID Patient With Lungs Destroyed by Ventilator Is Set to Be Taken Off Life-Saving Machine, His Wife Says


The hospital accused of destroying the lungs of a COVID patient by leaving him on a ventilator for more than a year now wants to remove the very life-saving machine he is now dependent on to live, according to his wife.

Judy Boudreaux told The Epoch Times that, on March 15, Bethesda North first told her that they were going to remove her husband Mark Boudreaux from the mechanical ventilator he relies on to breathe because the Hall of Famer Star Wars toy designer has a living will that says it is his dying wish not have his life “artificially prolonged.”

“They ambushed me at the hospital at a care conference meeting,” said Judy.

“They had a lawyer from Risk Management, a pastor, and others there. I felt blindsided.”

Judy does not agree with the decision, pointing out the many times Mark, who has lost his ability to speak, has written on a pad of paper “I want to live.”

Judy, who has a power of attorney, also pointed out that Mark’s living will directive is based on his being in an “incurable and irreversible condition.”

Mark’s deteriorated lungs could be replaced with a transplant of healthy lungs, should a transplant center agree to accept him as a candidate for the surgery. While bedridden and unable to sit up or speak, the 68-year-old is conscious and coherent and has been able to write “I want to live” on a pad of paper and show it to doctors.

On the morning of March 16, the hospital reversed its decision and Judy “sighed a sigh of relief.”

That relief, however, was short lived.

According to Judy, the very next day—on March 17—doctors at the hospital informed her that they had decided to remove Mark from the dialysis machine on which he is reliant to keep his kidney functioning.

Medical records provided to The Epoch Times showed that Mark suffered kidney damage as a result of being on the ventilator, and from being sedentary and on a feeding tube for a prolonged period of time.

Judy told The Epoch Times that the hospital has told them they would be removing Mark from dialysis on March 21.

“It will effectively kill him,” she said.

Neither Bethesda North nor its parent company TriHealth responded to inquiries from The Epoch Times, which did an in-depth story on Mark’s case in a March 8 article. As reported, Boudreaux has been on a ventilator since Feb. 5, 2022, when he was diagnosed with COVID.

Epoch Times Photo
Mark Boudreaux in healthier times. (Supplied)

As chronicled in the story, Boudreaux designed some of the most celebrated toys in the world including the Star Wars Millennium Falcon, considered the most iconic spaceship designed in movie history.

Boudreaux, who was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame after a 43-year career as a toy designer, also created toys for Marvel, and Strawberry Shortcake. He also helped design sets for blockbuster movies such as “Jurassic Park,” “Ghostbusters,” and “Batman.”

Despite his epic place in one of America’s most epic tales of heroism, Boudreaux has not been able to find a real-life hero to help save him. So far, no transplant facility has been willing to accept Mark as a patient.

Dr. Charles Thurston, who has treated COVID patients worldwide, reviewed Mark’s entire file of medical records since he was put on the ventilator.

Thurston calls it the “ultimate Catch-22.”

“The same medical establishment that landed Mark in his situation, is now sticking to protocols that won’t help bail him out,” he said.

According to national standards, in order to qualify for a lung transplant, a patient must be able to walk somewhere between 100 to 450 feet, or what is commonly referred to as the “six-minute walk.”

Mark has barely had any physical therapy since his hospitalization, according to Judy and Thurston, and is not able to walk at all.

Judy said she also contacted several state lawmakers who have not returned her calls.

The Epoch Times reached out to Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance on Tuesday regarding Mark’s plight.

Judy is now scrambling for an attorney to file for an emergency injunction to stop Mark’s removal from the life saving machine.

“This is very sad news,” Judy said about Bethesda’s decision, “but I am still trying my hardest to save him.”


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