Democratic Primary Accused of Being ‘Rigged’ by RFK Jr.

Incumbent presidents tend to hold the cards in their party’s primary, but President Joe Biden’s leading challenger Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is calling out the Democratic National Committee for “rigging” the process.

“It’s pretty clear the DNC does not want a primary,” RFK Jr. told “Forbes Newsroom.” “I don’t want to say they want a coronation, but that’s a fair way to put it, actually. 

“Essentially they’re fixing the process so that it makes it almost impossible to have democracy function. They’re effectively disenfranchising the Democrat voters from having any choice in who becomes president – in who becomes the Democrat nominee.

“They’re rigging it.”

With the way the Democrat primary delegates will be awarded under rules set to be finalized this Thursday, RFK Jr. projects he would have to win “80% of the states to beat President Biden.”

“Their logic is they don’t need a primary because they already have a candidate, and therefore I am costing them all this money, and that money should be paid for by me and maybe Marianne Williamson,” he continued.

“It’s a process that is rigged. We live in a time in American history when a lot of Americans think that democracy is broken, that the political system is rigged, and that’s there’s not really any democracy. And, unfortunately, the DNC is taking a lot of steps that confirm that outlook.”

RFK Jr. noted early primary states Iowa and New Hampshire require “retail politics” at “barber shops” and “diners” and “actually talk to voters instead of just donors.”

“The other states are content with having candidates kind of aerial bombard them from 30,000 feet with advertising,” he continued. “The DNC has $2 billion now in their bank account – all given by, or most of it given by large donors.

“They can use that money to slip campaign ads and President Biden will actually never meet a donor.”

Also, any rally Biden would do is “orchestrated,” “screened,” and “there is no unscripted contact with voters.”

“And I don’t think that’s good for democracy, if the only people that President Biden is talking to is his donors,” RFK Jr. said. “It’s like he’s living in a bubble.”

It is akin to a Russian oligarchy.

“It’s like he’s living in a bubble and only talking to very wealthy Americans who aren’t enduring many of the hardships that are facing the majority of the people in this country: 50% of the people in this country can’t put their hands on $1,000 if there’s an emergency in their lives,” he lamented.

Americans are being “gaslighted” by Biden’s claims “Bidenomics” is working, he concluded

“They’re not living in a country where happy days are here again,” he said.

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