Dershowitz Asks Newsmax: Is it Possible to Impeach a President for Crimes Committed as Vice President?

Speaking to Newsmax on the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, Constitutional law professor Alan Dershowitz suggested there is no precedent in the Constitution or in legal history to impeach a president for alleged crimes committed during their prior time serving as vice president unless, of course, a connection persists into their current time in office.

“The question,” Dershowitz tells “Greg Kelly Reports,” “is whether you can impeach a president for what he was accused of doing when he was vice president — we don’t know the answer to that.”

“The Constitution doesn’t say there’s no precedent on that. And you can imagine the arguments on both sides. But if there’s nothing that involves his current presidency, I think it will be an uphill fight.”


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Nick Koutsobinas

Nick Koutsobinas, a Newsmax writer, has years of news reporting experience. A graduate from Missouri State University’s philosophy program, he focuses on exposing corruption and censorship.

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