Dershowitz Tells Newsmax: Hunter Biden Will Not Face Trial for Gun Charges

Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, in an interview with Newsmax, predicted Hunter Biden will work out a plea deal and avoid standing trial on gun charges, during an appearance on Friday’s “National Report.

“There’s not going to be a full-blown trial,” he said. “There will be a plea bargain. This was a tactic to just raise the ante. The plea bargain, I predict, will be as follows: Biden will admit to the facts underlying these three charges; admit that he lied; admit that he owned a gun while he was addicted to drugs … he’ll admit all that, but he’ll challenge some of the aspects of the indictment on legal grounds, on Second Amendment grounds, on double jeopardy grounds, which will entitle him to appeal the case.

“So I predict there won’t be a full-blown trial, will be a kind of guilty play, and it will result in a probationary sentence, which is typical for a first offender who was charged with these kinds of crimes.”

Asked the difference between Hunter Biden’s original plea deal, which fell apart and a possible new one, Dershowitz said: “The difference is that in the original plea, it was a diversion, which doesn’t give you a criminal record. He’d have to plead guilty and get a criminal record and be put on probation.

“So there is a difference. It’s not a big deal difference. But if it’s my client, I care that he not have a criminal record. The other big difference is in the original plea we weren’t sure whether it kept open the possibility of further investigations and further indictments. That’s why it fell apart. Here we now know that there can be further investigations, including investigations pointing to the Oval Office.”

Asked what he thought of special counsel David Weiss’ handling of the case, Dershowitz responded: “He shouldn’t have been appointed. He’s a Delaware guy. People say he was appointed by Donald Trump. It’s nonsense. He was appointed essentially by the two Democratic senators in Delaware.

“Trump rubber stamped the appointment as happens with U.S. attorneys, but he was exactly the wrong person to do this investigation. Now he’s flexing his muscles a little bit, but the end result will be no prison time and a probationary sentence and perhaps an appeal on these two technical legal issues.”


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Jeffrey Rodack

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