Don Jr. claims achieving equal justice in the US is “impossible,” tells Newsmax

Donald Trump Jr. told Newsmax on Thursday that the gun charges brought against Hunter Biden earlier in the day are emblematic of a bigger problem. “It’s almost impossible to have equal justice in this country right now.”

Don Jr. made the comments in an interview with “Eric Bolling The Balance,” musing that the three gun charges just happen to be charges that don’t tie back to Biden’s father, President Joe Biden.

“Of the dozens of things, this is probably, while serious, meaning a lot of people go to jail for a long period of time, this is the one that doesn’t tie back to the big guy,” Don Jr. told Bolling. “Everything else involves Joe Biden then as VP, perhaps as president, who knows.

“But there’s dozens of crimes far more serious than this. And yet the one that they choose to pursue is the one that somehow magically doesn’t involve Joe Biden.

“It shows you the bias, that it’s almost impossible to have equal justice in this country right now, because between Big Tech and mainstream media, you don’t have a chance.”

Don Jr. also weighed in on what he saw as the irony that Hunter Biden’s lawyers will have to defend him using rights bestowed by the Second Amendment, the very one his father would like to expel from the Constitution.

“It’s disgusting,” Don Jr. said. “I see all the people who have been charged with this. I see innocent gun shops raided by the ATF because someone put a comma in the wrong spot. I see people that have been thrown in jail literally for doing exactly what Hunter did.”

Don Jr. noted that one of the charges involved Hunter Biden allegedly disposing of a firearm in a garbage can outside of a high school.

“I mean, think about that. Like I have a feeling if I [or anyone else] had done that same thing, the ATF, that same DOJ would be prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law.

“So I’m glad that happened,” Don Jr. said of some kind of charge being brought.

“I’m glad maybe they’re finally doing something. I’m not expecting it to go anywhere,” he said. “They’ll slap him on the wrist, and then he gets away with everything else. That will be their excuse to say that they were fair and they investigated accordingly.”


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