Donald Trump to Newsmax: ‘Something Will Happen,’ Biden Won’t Run

President Joe Biden is reportedly going to make a 2024 presidential campaign announcement soon, but former President Donald Trump is predicting on Newsmax the oldest president in history is not going to make it to the general election in 2024.

“It seems to be hard to believe, and I’m not speaking from any standpoint that I watch him like everybody watches him, and it certainly seems hard to believe,” Trump told Monday’s “Greg Kelly Reports” in an exclusive 25-minute, wide-ranging interview. “It was hard to believe four years ago, but he was in the basement.

“It’ll seem to me that somewhere along the line something will happen,” Trump predicted to host Greg Kelly. “It’s just this country is in trouble.”

Trump pointed to Biden’s cognitive difficulties that even prevent him from making a presidential campaign announcement live and in-person —  something he believes has been a presidential prerequisite for centuries.

“Now they’re actually doing a tape of the announcement,” Trump warned. “He’s not going to do the announcement. Normally you get up and say, ‘Hey, I’m running. Wish me luck everybody.’

“But he’s doing a tape. This way you can do it four or five times until he gets it right. But I don’t think a thing like that’s ever been done to put it on tape.”

Biden’s struggling administration will ultimately do him in, including the threat of a nuclear World War III, according to Trump.

“We’re going to end up in World War III,” Trump said. “We’re talking nuclear weapons. And we have somebody that doesn’t understand what’s happening.

We’ve got Ukraine and Russia fighting and we’re being dragged into it. It’s going to be a disaster. And they’re talking, again, nuclear all over the place.”

Trump noted, despite critics suggesting he was the one that would put the world on the brink of war, it is Biden’s failing foreign policy that has amped up global tension and nuclear talk.

“You have China with Taiwan: They never talked this way when I was there,” Trump said. “They knew that they couldn’t talk that way.

“There was zero chance that Ukraine and Russia would have been doing what they’re doing right now. Zero chance that Russia would have gone in.”

It is relationship building that Trump boasted kept America and the world safe, including with the likes of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin.

“I’ve also gotten along with Putin, and Putin would have never have done this,” Trump said.

It began to unravel for Biden after the failed, unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan was botched and left 13 service members dead and the Taliban to quickly retake the country after the longest continuous running war in American history, Trump lamented.

“This was shocking, and a lot of it had to do with Afghanistan, we looked so stupid and so weak when they surrendered Afghanistan,” he told Kelly. “They actually surrendered —  the way they got out.

“I think it was the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country and nobody’s ever seen anything like that, Greg. When Putin looks at that —  all of them —  and President Xi, Kim Jong Un, all of them, when they look at this, Iran, they see weakness.

They didn’t think that was possible coming out of the United States of America. And it wasn’t possible with me.

“I would have had us out, but I would have had us out with dignity.”

Trump hailed the successes of his administration, contrasting them with the Biden administration shortcomings.

“We had an incredible administration, and I did that on top of all of these witch-hunts that were going on,” Trump said. “But I think anybody else is going to have that.

“I will say one thing, Greg, you know, people ask me often, they say, do you think the country can ever come together? And most people would say that I would say, ‘No.’ And that a lot of other people would say, ‘No.’ And you might even say, ‘No.’

“But I will tell you this: There was a period of time, just before COVID coming in, this country was going on all 12 cylinders, as they say,” he continued.

“It was at a level that nobody’s ever seen before. Everybody had jobs —  African-American, Asian American, Hispanic, American, MIT graduates and people that didn’t have a high school diploma. Every single person, everybody had jobs.”

Before COVID, even Democrats wanted to negotiate to work with Trump, he said.

“I was getting calls from people on the left that I would never have thought about talking to much, and they wanted to get together,” Trump said. “This country was coming together. And then, of course, we got the gift from China, which is COVID or the China virus, as some people would call it, like me.

“And that sort of blew that up. And then we had to go back to a different form of work.”

Trump vowed he can reunite a divided country, and he could even be trusted to reach across the aisle.

“I just want what’s good for the country, that would be good for the country,” Trump continued. “Now, I have to tell you, with that being said, if they’re going to want open borders where anybody can come in from prisons and from mental institutions and hundreds of thousands of people pouring in, I’m never going to be able to support that.

“I’m never going to be able to support no voter ID.

“When you go to an election, you need an ID to do almost anything nowadays except vote. They don’t want voter I.D., because they want to be able to cheat.”


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