Dr. Carson criticizes Biden’s cognitive decline, calling it a ‘shame’ obscured by the media

President Joe Biden is obviously suffering from “significant cognitive decline,” former HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson told Newsmax on Thursday.

“We see that often in aging. There’s no shame in that, that happens to a lot of people,” Carson told “Greg Kelly Reports.” “The shame is in trying to cover it up. And the shame is in the contempt that this administration has for the American people.”

Carson linked Biden’s decline to policy positions foisted on Americans. 

“It’s hard enough when you have someone who has full possession of their cognitive function to be able to tell people things that aren’t true,” Carson said. “To tell them that they’re not really suffering economically, you just are perceiving things in the wrong way, that Bidenomics is really great.

“To tell them that the border is secure, don’t mind the fact that millions of people are coming across the border, some of which are terrorists and are threatening the viability of our country. Don’t mind the fact that we’re pushing parents away from their children, trying to do divide the population on every basis that we possibly can. And that people are feeling bad about this, there might be something wrong with them.

“Particularly when we display this to the whole world on the international stage, everybody must be having a good laugh. But we, the American people, are the ones who are suffering,” Carson said.


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