Dutch farmer problems could be coming to America

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Protesting farmers block a drawbridge at locks in the Princess Margriet canal, preventing all ship traffic from passing in Gaarkeuken, northern Netherlands, Monday, July 4, 2022. Dutch farmers angry at government plans to slash emissions also used tractors and trucks Monday to blockade supermarket distribution centers, the latest actions in a summer of discontent in the country's lucrative agricultural sector. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

Protesting farmers block a drawbridge at locks in the Princess Margriet canal, preventing all ship traffic from passing in Gaarkeuken, northern Netherlands, Monday, July 4, 2022. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

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UPDATED 12:10 PM PT – Monday, August 1, 2022

The farmer protests have continued in the Netherlands and many are saying Americans should start paying more attention. As tensions rise between farmers and the government in the country, the impacts are being felt across the globe.

“I don’t know what could be more essential to communism than that,” said Eva Vlaardingerbroek, a legal philosopher. “So, you know, it’s communism and I’m saying it’s being done on a global scale because this is part of a bigger agenda than just the agenda of the Dutch government.”

This week, farmers continued to fight the government’s plans to cut nitrogen emissions by restricting livestock and fertilizer use so heavily that it will send many farms out of business. These plans come after a court ruled the initial emissions plan violated EU laws protecting endangered plants and animals, which caused the Dutch government to target their own farmers.

“Yes it’s true that the Dutch government wants the farmers land,” the philosopher voiced. “For one reason is to house new immigrants, but this is also because they are following an agenda called the 2030 agenda. These are restrictions and climate regulations that are imposed all over the world. We’re being hit hardest right now. We might be the first ones, but it’s very important for other people to know they could be coming to you next.”

The 2030 plan is an agenda put forth by the United Nations, supposedly to improve many aspects of global peace. One aspect of this agenda is to cut emissions by any means necessary which will cause backlash among those affected.

“We already see now that in Italy farmers have gone out on the street as well,” she stated. “In Poland farmers are going out. So it’s spilling over which is a really good sign because like I said these restrictions are going to be very relevant for everyone because obviously it’s a global agenda.”

The agenda was recently implemented in Sri Lanka where the government banned chemical fertilizers which caused a food shortage and economic crisis to erupt across the country. This resulted in the ouster of the government. With so many other countries already experiencing similar restrictions some said it is only a matter of time before American farmers start becoming affected.

If enacted in America, the restrictions would likely force mass culling of livestock, use of synthetic fertilizers and end with many farmers losing their business and land all together. There are no plans to go as far as The Netherlands in the US currently, but Democrats have recently passed an anti-energy spending spree which gives over $300 billion to so-called green energy technologies. They claim these technologies will reduce emissions 40 percent by 2030. This will line up with the UN’s agenda target date.

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