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Eric Bolling Claims Opponents are Employing the ‘Race Card’ in Efforts to Halt Trump’s Progress

According to Newsmax host Eric Bolling, Democrats rely on playing the race card to divide and conquer when their prospects are slipping. Bolling believes that this strategy originated under former President Barack Obama and continues under President Joe Biden. He claims that Biden has thrived under the “race card” and accuses him of calling anyone who supports Donald Trump a racist or white supremacist. Bolling also suggests that Black Americans are kept angry with Republicans through this strategy. He argues that Democrats need almost 90% of the Black vote to stay in power and win elections. Bolling criticizes Obama for not uniting America and instead stoking divisions of race. He accuses Democrats of playing the race card repeatedly and suggests that their scheme may backfire. Bolling also points out that Trump has his own ways to play the race card back on Biden, mentioning Biden’s infamous “you ain’t Black” comment. He claims that Black Americans know they are getting a raw deal and that Trump carried out real criminal justice reform. Bolling argues that Black Americans are now suffering the most from defunding the police and woke policies in Biden’s America, as well as inflation. He suggests that they may be coming to their senses about the Democratic Party. Bolling further criticizes the “election inference” example involving Judge Tanya Chutkan’s trial date and accuses Biden and his cronies of trying to eliminate Trump as a potential presidential candidate. He claims that their plan is backfiring as support for Trump continues to rise. Bolling concludes that Democrats need a divided America to push their socialist agenda and cement power in the hands of a controlling government. He alleges that they want to take Trump down and destroy him to achieve this goal.

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