‘Exclaiming a Catastrophe: Rudy Giuliani Tells Newsmax About the White House’s Disaster and Tragedy’

President Joe Biden skipping out of attending any 9/11 memorial services – instead stopping in Alaska – is not surprising to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who said there is “a disaster, tragedy in the White House.”

“I think he has an idea who – the people who have sacrificed for America – I think he has a feeling of how they look at him,” Giuliani told Newsmax‘s “Saturday Report.”

“He would not be – I’m not speaking for everyone, but certainly for those people and for those of us who see him as something pretty close to a trader – he wouldn’t be a welcome person there, even though he is the president of the United States.”

There were 2,000 victims and families who have written a letter to Biden, warning against him letting alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed out of the death penalty, according to Giuliani.

“We’ve been waiting for justice,” Giuliani told host Rita Cosby. “They sort of analogize it to the cowardice of Afghanistan, so I think he has an idea.

“I mean, 2,000 families out of the number of families involved in that is a pretty large majority.”

Biden has sold America out to enemies, Giuliani continued.

“It’s gone beyond just evidence now,” he said. “There’s a mountain of facts that show that he is a major criminal, and the criminality was done with the enemies of the United States. He’s been responsible for the deaths of Americans in Afghanistan, the death of Ukrainians, which never would have happened under Donald Trump.

“And the things that he says to our veterans need accountability.”

Biden recently confusingly walked out in the middle of a Medal of Honor ceremony and had been caught looking at his watch when the 13 caskets of dead American service members from the failed Afghanistan withdrawal were brought back to America.

“He looked at his watch, not once, not twice, but four times, and, of course, the American press just sat by and did nothing,” Giuliani lamented. “Come on. People have feelings. You can only go so far in stepping on them.

“It’s a good thing he’s not coming.”

Giuliani said he has been investigating Biden since 2018 and is disgusted at what he has found.

“I know more about this man than probably all been about four people in the world,” Giuliani told Cosby. “There’s nothing that I would be surprised about.

“We have a disaster, tragedy in the White House, and it’s harming our country more than ever before. And the only hope is it isn’t irreversible. I mean, it better be reversible.”

There are many more Islamic extremist terrorists in America now than ever before because of Biden’s open borders, Giuliani warned.

“He doesn’t enforce any laws at the borders,” he continued. “He even assists the illegals to come in. We don’t know how many Islamic extremist terrorists we have in this country. We know from apprehensions we have more. We know from the extrapolation from those apprehensions that 2 to 3 times more come in unknown.

“So, there are considerably more Islamic extremist terrorists in this country.”

While Giuliani has heard the criticism of politicizing 9/11, the former mayor said it is impossible for him not to, because it all was the result of bad politics, according to Giuliani.

“People are going to say, ‘Well, you shouldn’t bring up politics on Sept. 11’: I’m sorry, the friends I lost, I lost on Sept. 11 because of politics, because you were afraid to speak up about [Osama] bin Laden the way we should because Clinton was afraid to hit him the way we should, because Clinton failed to kill him.

“We’re not going to live through it again and keep my mouth shut. Not again. I’ve watched it. I almost died. I have a right to call out this traitor in the White House.”


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