FCC Commissioner Carr tells Newsmax that the TikTok ban is more about behavior than the actual content on the platform

TikTok, linked to China through parent company ByteDance, poses a significant threat to America’s national security. Brendan Carr, the senior Republican commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission, stated to Newsmax that legislation proposing a ban on TikTok in the United States is based on the company’s behavior, not its content.

“For years, they assured us that U.S. user data was not accessible in China, but leaked material revealed otherwise. Everything, including search history, browsing patterns, keystrokes, and biometric data, was available in China,” Carr told Newsmax’s “Sunday Report.”

Chinese personnel used this access to surveil specific Americans. Despite promises to restrict access, they continued to access U.S. user data from China.

While some argue that the legislation infringes on the First Amendment, Carr emphasized that the issue revolves around TikTok’s conduct, not its content. He expressed confidence that the Senate will pass the legislation, as senators have long raised concerns about the app’s ties to China.

TikTok CEO Shou Chew claimed the company has invested in data security to prevent manipulation. However, Carr noted that TikTok and its leadership have lost credibility in Washington due to repeated misinformation.

Carr pointed out that China has used TikTok for propaganda and manipulation, especially during elections. He anticipates similar tactics in future elections.

The core issue with TikTok, according to Carr, is its conduct and data flow to Beijing. The proposed legislation allows TikTok to divest from its ties with the Chinese Communist Party, allowing 170 million Americans to continue using the app.


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