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Florida Judge Rules DeSantis’ Redistricting Plan Unconstitutional

A judge in Florida has ruled that a redistricting plan pushed by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis violates the state constitution and cannot be used in future U.S. congressional elections. The plan diminishes the ability of Black voters in north Florida to elect a representative of their choice. The judge has sent the plan back to the Florida Legislature, instructing lawmakers to draw a new congressional map that complies with the constitution. This decision follows a trend of new congressional maps in Southern states being struck down due to concerns about diluting Black voting power. Republicans have appealed or vowed to appeal these decisions, as they could benefit Democratic candidates in the 2024 races under redrawn maps. The Florida case is likely to end up before the Florida Supreme Court. Governor DeSantis was criticized for essentially removing a Black Democrat representative from office by dividing his district and assigning Black voters to white Republican districts.

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