Florida Men Steal Nearly 1,100 Gallons of Diesel: Police

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Police in Florida are searching for two men caught on camera stealing nearly 1,100 gallons of diesel fuel from a gas station earlier this month.

“We are looking for two suspects regarding the theft of approximately 1,093 gallons of gas!” the St. Cloud Police Department announced on social media.

The theft occurred on June 1. Police said in a separate social media post that the vehicles are white Ford F250 trucks that are possibly 2006-2009 models. The two trucks were last seen on Narcoossee Road, northbound.

One truck is described as having a black or dark-colored running board, while the other has a silver or light-colored running board. Police believe the two trucks each have “a large tank in the bed used to store fuel.”

Police also provided descriptions of the two suspects from the surveillance footage.

“The first suspect is described as a Hispanic male wearing a white hat with the letter ‘R,’ a neon green long sleeve shirt, and light-colored blue jeans or gray sweatpants with white sneakers,” the announcement reads. “The second suspect is described as a Hispanic male wearing a fisherman’s hat, sunglasses, and a possible dark grey short sleeve shirt.”

St. Cloud Police Sgt. Wayne Souza told Click Orlando that employees of the gas station weren’t aware of the theft until they checked inventory and found about $6,000 worth of gas missing.

“Throughout the afternoon … the two trucks kind of take turns going through the same pump and then leaving and coming back again,” Souza told the outlet.

“We just ask the citizens of St. Cloud to just be vigilant of your surroundings, certainly at gas stations,” he added. “And if you see anyone tampering with the pump that’s kind of unusual suspicious behavior, then please, don’t hesitate to call us.”

Ned Bowman, executive director of the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association, said that some thieves use sophisticated methods to steal gas, like tampering with the pulsator in the pump.

“That reads the meter on how many gallons and what you pay for that fuel,” Bowman said, reported Fox35. “By changing the pulsator, they can change the retail price to a penny a gallon.”

He said theft rings have popped up amid high gas prices, and more appear as soon as police break up one ring.

The national average price of gasoline has reached $5 per gallon, and has more than doubled since President Joe Biden took office. Last week, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said  that gas prices are unlikely to fall soon.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Mannix at 407-891-6729 or Central Florida Crimeline at 407-423-TIPS (8477)

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