Fox News Rejects DeSantis Ad Featuring Him in Uniform, Holding Rifle

Fox News refused to air a new ad from a Political Action Committee that supports Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that showed him in his military uniform and holding a rifle, instead swapping out two images and producing a sanitized version, according to the PAC, Never Back Down.

Never Back Down produced a 30-second ad titled “Warzone,” in which there was an image of DeSantis holding a rifle in uniform, the photo taken in Iraq. DeSantis was a lieutenant in the Navy and served alongside SEAL Team 1 in Iraq in 2007.

Fox News swapped out that image with a bust shot of DeSantis in uniform minus the weapon.

There was also footage 3 seconds into the ad of cartel members with guns and accompanying audio of gunfire that Fox News replaced with firearm-free footage.

The ad opens with a voiceover calling our southern border a warzone, hence the title of the ad.

“The only candidate fighting to secure out our border now is the only candidate to serve in a warzone, Ron DeSantis.”

Republican front-runner and former President Donald Trump has repeatedly accused Fox News of favorable coverage of DeSantis, in an effort to boost his candidacy, while shading his 2024 campaign.  

Most recently, Trump took aim at both Fox News and The Wall Street Journal in a post to Truth Social.

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